1. As It Seems

From the recording The Language of Eyes

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As It Seems

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Sitting on a park bench waiting outside
You tell me to run but I wish to hide
Deep in the center of your chest pocket
So I lean in close to you so dear
Tell you all the things you don’t want to hear
Until your heart expands, arms outstretched

But that’s the problem with embraces
I don’t wanna let go and face it:
That we all collide, just to drift apart again
But at least I’m not as sad as I used to be
At least I know the meaning of sanity
A little less afraid of morning light

Lover without a lover, friend without a friend
Pay attention to the signs at every dead end
Nothing is as it seems and yet everything is
Another chance to receive all that
you’ve ever had to give

Feeling distraught and so confused
All I wanna do is comfort you
and abandon myself, yet again.
But I can’t go back to those days no more
It was different then, now I can’t ignore
All that I have learned between the lines

All the ghosts of who we used to be
Float around sometimes inside of me
That’s why I still bruise easily
But I refuse to be defined
By all that I have failed to find I may not know who I am,
but at least I know who I’m not.