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A Little Vulture Told Me

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I can feel the leaky faucet of my butane brain
Flood the sad and lonely streets that pollute your veins
And I’m tired of wanting you to need me
I watch you writhe and wriggle with itchy skin
Sharing a sleeping bag with truth is not an easy thing
And I’m tired of watching you destroy you

What have you got to lose?
I’m not here for you to lose

I was trying to fill the hole inside my stupid heart
When you picked me up and placed me back into the darkest part
Of a story of a vulture that leaves you picked apart
It’s no wonder I was lazy with trying not to lose

I’m not here for you to lose
What have you got to lose?

I was carving out a way for us to dine and dash
We’ve got fear to keep us company and of course panache
I was crying when you told me not to laugh