1. Out But Thru

From the recording Tin Girl

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Out But Thru

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Cracked skin, porcelain
Sharpening your claws
You smiled once, you looked happy
Like an accident on pause
Blink twice: you’re in the backyard
Watching the lilacs die
Ash covered shoulder blades
Reminiscing on when you used to fly

Go slow in the fast lane, honey
Well it looks like you’re on cue
Would I tell you what it felt like, baby
Well there’s no way out but through
Quick wit, unzipping the armour that you wear
You fashioned a blanket out of the reasons
Why you were scared
Wanting to be loved so desperately
So that you wouldn’t have to look
At the graveyard diggers that you dreamt about
Before you bit the hooks

Saw your face through the veil
My old house is up for sale
The old haunts inside my head
Are telling me i’m left for dead
There’s no place to belong
Except the inside of a song
Tell me one thing that you know:
You have to be uncomfortable
If you wanna grow.