It's Time for Toast & Tea

heavy head, fragile heart 

i met you half way, you did your part 
search for the floor with pine needle feet 
that nightmare you had was disguised as a dream 
you put on your glasses with one weary hand 
you heard all the things your eyes don't understand 
fill up your cup, float out the window 
you had an appointment with time, but you didn't show 

will it ever cease? 
this meaningless crease 
in the folding of our sheets 
that are stained with love and grief 
it's in the whispers of the trees, 
the detachment of the sea 
did you mean what you said to me? 
it's time for toast and tea 

so we packed up our lives in tiny boxes 
laughed all about living in paradoxes 
i count all the cracks i see in the street 
how do you make friends when there's no one to meet? 
i followed my shadow to the end of the earth 
i wanted to be who i was before birth 
i put my hand all the way up to the glass 
i'll never heal until you sign my cast