New Songs

December 2017
Over the next few months I’ll be recording new songs with the incredible @mr_bradsmith at @velveteenaudio and @edmontonestudio. All the unreleased songs I’ve been work shopping and playing live for the last year and a half will finally be coming to real life. I feel so lucky to be working on this with my dream team again (Bill George of The New Haunts @thenewhauntsyeg, Murray Wood of Scenic Route To Alaska @scenicroutetoalaska and co-producing with queen Brenna MacQuarrie @i_am_hill ) Stay tuned for more updates coming in 2018! 

January 2018
The holidays were harder than expected, I feel like a snake shaking off layers of invisible skin. But I am very much looking forward to starting phase 2 of new music during these next two weeks. I'll be posting more updates on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Thanks for all your support.

February 2018
Flew down to San Antonio, Texas to record vocal overdubs and keyboard embellishments with Brenna and had time to rethink about my musical direction. I'm so excited to share these new songs with you. Stay tuned.